2019 Chevrolet Colorado Review and Price

After many years of maintaining old fashion way of producing mid-sized pickup trucks, 2015 Chevrolet Colorado came as refreshment. This vehicle will have two cabin options- a crew-cab with a five-foot bed or a six-foot bed, and an extended-cab with a six-foot bed. There will be three trim levels to choose. Base model will be a WT work trucks, higher level will be LT and at the top of the class will be Z71. Inside of the cabin is spacious enough for two adults in the front and two-three children or adults in the back, depending on a cabin type. All of them will come with 17-inch wheels. Colorado’s payload capacity ranges between 1,410 and 1,590 pounds, while towing capacity goes from 3,500 pounds to7,000 pounds. It means that this truck can be used both as a working and a family vehicle. Continue reading “2019 Chevrolet Colorado Review and Price”

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2019 Dodge Rampage Concept And Review

The 2019 Dodge Rampage Concept is a brand new concept from the American car maker featuring host of technologies, front-wheel drive, and independent back wheel suspension. Moreover, the pickup will now have a 5.7-liter V-8 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission, which will greatly improve the fuel economy. In order to obtain their twin goals of a family-size guest cabin and exceptional fuel ratings, the developers dramatically reconfigured the proportions of the truck. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Rampage Concept And Review”

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2018 Dodge Ram Review And Price

The 2018 Dodge Ram comes with some extensive updates to the seasoned Ram truck lineup. Most importantly, it features an updated powertrain, introducing new diesel powerplants, and the trademark cab configurations, including three bed lengths, and two- or four-wheel-drive setups. Continue reading “2018 Dodge Ram Review And Price”

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