2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel

It seems that 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel is made to be even stronger, bigger and more comfortable than any other truck from Toyota, but with still favorable price and acceptable fuel economy. With a new diesel engine, which supposes to offer low CO2 emissions, it should be the highly demanded vehicle among truck fans nowadays. But, we used to see Hilux as interesting since the first model has been released and that was in 2005. This time manufacturer changed only things which have been shown as bad and non-functional, making the machine for every type of the buyer and literally every terrain. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel”

2019 Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150 could be one of the babies from Ford that proves big manufacturer’s goals about the future of the cars and trucks. We already have heard that Ford plans to change many things in their trucks, in terms of design or engine strength, as well as to put a hybrid engine in one version of F-150. However, the main manager in Ford, Brian Maxim announced in Auto News that factory has planned to invest even $700 million in new engines, so we can expect a great season in the future for the Fords. On the other hand, there are visibly changing in the design of the vehicles, so F-150 became modernized and bigger, but still attractive and great for heavy duties. Continue reading “2019 Ford F-150”

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2019 Dodge Ram

Since the 2019 Dodge Ram was covered on previous few photos we made on test driving, we could not be able to see how it really looks like. Even though that was terrible for our review, we must congratulate to the manufacturer for the prudence. Fortunately, last test driving was almost without thick protection, so the photographer could manage to make the very first pictures of this vehicle. After we saw everything it is needed on these photos, we confirmed significant changes in the car, mostly in the front end, as well as changes in shape and appearance of the car. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Ram”