2017 Dodge Ram Concept And Engine

If you are curious what the really mean 2017 Dodge Ram and how to imagine the car which is represented in that name, just imagine a Fiat’s car on the Dodge Dakota base but exchanged due to be the base for the Ram brand. If is this too hard to understand, maybe is a better way to explain if we say that the Fiat’s small truck hasn’t been much interesting for the wide audience until the Ram product hasn’t partnered with Fiat. This version has become the right size small truck for the customer with special demands. Continue reading “2017 Dodge Ram Concept And Engine”

2016 Dodge Ram Review and Price

2016 Dodge Ram represents a fifth generation of successful RAM series. Depending on its performances, there are 1,500, 2.500 and heavy duty 3,500, and all of them can come as 2-door regular cab, 4-door Quad Cab and Crew Cab. Old crosshair grille has been removed by contemporary designed one with large RAM sign. Depending on engine and suspension option, towing capacity now range between 7,000 pounds up to 31,210 pounds. Many improvements have been accomplished in term of fuel efficiency as well. More than ten inches of clearance enables excellent off road performances. Continue reading “2016 Dodge Ram Review and Price”