2020 Rolls Royce SUV

2020 Rolls Royce SUV

2020 Rolls Royce SUV (Cullinan) comes as special new large and highly luxury SUV that the car market has not seen so far.


  • The model has a great design.
  • The engine could be a hybrid one.


  • It is very slow and hard for handling.
  • The price is very high.


2020 Rolls Royce SUV front

The design of the 2020 Rolls Royce SUV recalls on old classic models made in this factory, but with the rounded rear end and modernly shaped chassis. If we must to compare with any of the possible models on the market, it would surely be Cadillac Escalade, but only in boxy shape and largeness of the chassis. However, it is not easy for driving and handling, so expect a large and slow car with details that surely attract attention.


2020 Rolls Royce SUV interior

It is hard to say anything about the cabin inside of 2020 Rolls Royce SUV. Not only that we expect the roomy and extremely large cabin, but it also presumes unprecedented luxury and modern technology. It is not a car for daily driving, so all you see there is only to feel a touch of luxury and highly priced comfort.


The engine that new 2020 Rolls Royce SUV could get is actually the most questionable in this new machine. Even though the official information confirmed the existence of the classic strong petrol engine, there are rumors that SUV made in this factory could follow novelties and make something greener. Before we speculate about it, let us recall on the official engine. It is 6.75-liter V12 twin-turbo model that produces 563 horsepower of strength. Not only that it is a strong and very potent engine, that is needed for this size of the car, but also it allows a huge bump in speed, even though it seems impossible according to the size of the car that we saw on photos. However, when it comes to the electric engine, it is not that obvious that we could imagine. Official information said by engineers in BMW, a mother company, has denied even the thoughts about the electric engine. They know that SUVs that we are able to see on the market so far usually offers a hybrid engine along with the petrol ones, but this car will not do that.

2020 Rolls Royce SUV light

2020 Rolls Royce SUV Release Date and Price

The luckiest among us who have money and ways to buy 2020 Rolls Royce SUV were able to preorder it at the end of 2018. They will get it during 2019. The price is expectedly high for the SUV, but, again, there are people who can afford it. It costs $350,000, and buyers will be able to choose a color from a long list of shades and colors, along with the details in the cabin. We do not expect high selling numbers, though. The model is obviously made for collectors and those who already have a car for daily driving. However, this should be an SUV for showing and protecting in a garage.