2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali

2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali

2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali comes as a lovely addition to the high class of the trucks class where are the best models in the study. The manufacturer has not significantly changed the design of it, offering mostly familiar and useful features.

However, we could say that model has superior technology and entirely helpful technology in the cabin. There is a strong engine, too, with a lot of features to provide safe and stable driving.


  • The design is beautiful and modern
  • There is a strong and economical engine in offer


  • The cabin is modest and simple
  • There are no many differences in design



At first glance, it is obvious why people call 2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali a Chevrolet Silverado’s younger sibling. Its large front end and wide grille recall too much on this vehicle. However, there are apparent differences. Sierra’s grille is much broader and more significant, framed with a complete chrome line.

Large lights on the sides are correctly adjusted to the whole front end line. The bumper is full, but soft and rounded with much gentler angles. The rear end is slightly redesigned, has new taillights and shape of the bottom of the bumper.


2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Interior

Although the materials in the cabin of 2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali look a little poor and not that luxurious as we expect from the class, it is still a very nice and comfortable cabin. The dashboard is comprehensive and easy-to-use, with impressive center clusters and an 8-inch touchscreen in the middle.

When it comes to technology, the manufacturer has invested mostly in safety features. He invested not that much in the entertainment system. Future drivers will have sound driving assistance systems.

2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Engine

2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Engine

It would be hard to choose one of the five significant engines that the manufacturer will offer with the base model, but only one of them comes in 2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali. It should be a 6.2-liter V8 diesel six-cylinder model and its impressive 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque.

Thanks to numerous additions and the right equipment, it is possible to use this model for the heavy load as well for daily usage. With adaptive damper and good suspension (for 2-inch suspension lift), you will be able to drive the model on every terrain.

Thanks to the responsive steering wheel and restrained body roll, it is easy for driving and handling. You will be able to tow more than 12,000 pounds. Fuel economy is suitable for this class. On test driving, it had 18 mpg in highway and around 15 mpg city driving.

2021 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Release Date and Price

Although the base model has a significantly lower price, 2021 GMC 1500 Sierra could reach the number of $55,000. However, with all additions and equipment, it is more than attractive for buyers.