2021 GMC Canyon

2021 GMC Canyon

2021 GMC Canyon comes this year with the same features as before, same engines, and similar parts as before. Among significant changes are new colors in offer and differences in cabin design. The most attractive in this model is fuel economy and towing capacity, though.


  • The model has useful features for favorable price
  • There are great strong and economical engines to offer


  • The cabin is a little lacking in technology
  • For some users cabin is small


2021 GMC Canyon Exterior

There are no surprises in the design of the 2021 GMC Canyon. The similarities with other models in class, like Chevrolet Colorado is obvious, but not dominant. It is a little more aggressive than Honda Ridgeline, but it provides a very nice driving position and usage on rough terrain.

Especially front end has a comprehensive and robust grille, broad and massive bumper, and high part of the truck. The manufacturer has not significantly changed the design of the car but added a new color pallet and design of the taillights.



There are few complaints about the design of the 2021 GMC Canyon, mostly because of the size and a little basic design and equipment that it gets. According to users, it is too simple designed for the truck in this class. Even the highest trims do not get much more in equipment.

However, do not be so rigid when this model is about. There is lovely technology that it brings, along with the excellent standard equipment. It has a large 8-inch touchscreen with an upgraded infotainment system and excellent safety features.

2021 GMC Canyon Engine


Maybe this model cannot compete with Jeep Gladiator with price, but it could beat it in engine strength and economy. There are three optional engines that manufacturer offers in 2021 GMC Canyon. The base model comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder version. If its 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque are not strong enough, you should choose a stronger one, 3.6-liter V6 model, and its 308 horsepower.

It is must faster at the same time. Finally, there will be a diesel option in the offer, a 2.8-liter four-cylinder model with excellent fuel efficiency and towing capacity. If you use the truck for the heavy load, you should choose it. The only trouble is a little higher price. Although the manufacturer has offered an off-road version, even the standard model has lovely driving and gentle adhesion on every terrain.

The model has excellent success on test driving, especially crash tests. The model will be able to tow 3500 pounds, while the diesel option could load an impressive 7700 pounds. Fuel economy is excellent, with an average 19/24 mpg and 19/28 for the diesel model.

2021 GMC Canyon Release Date and Price

2021 GMC Canyon is in the middle of the list of models in class, so for the price of $25,000, it is more affordable than famous models. For that price, you can own this efficient and handsome truck.