2020 Dodge Ram

2020 Dodge Ram should be released next year, but the manufacturer already debuted it at International Auto Show in Detroit in January. However, the car is not finished yet, so it still has many details to be changed and improved. The manufacturer has still not changed lights since we saw it on test driving almost uncovered, which means that final version is not finished. It seems that good days come to the heavy-truck class since its production and selling grew for 5.2% in first 10 months of last year. On that statistic, only Ram sold 374,901 units. The current Ram has been sold for 3.8% better than a year before, so the manufacturer will not rush with the new model releasing or changing of the design. Continue reading “2020 Dodge Ram”

2019 Dodge Ram

Since the 2019 Dodge Ram was covered on previous few photos we made on test driving, we could not be able to see how it really looks like. Even though that was terrible for our review, we must congratulate to the manufacturer for the prudence. Fortunately, last test driving was almost without thick protection, so the photographer could manage to make the very first pictures of this vehicle. After we saw everything it is needed on these photos, we confirmed significant changes in the car, mostly in the front end, as well as changes in shape and appearance of the car. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Ram”

2019 Dodge Rampage Concept And Review

The 2019 Dodge Rampage Concept is a brand new concept from the American car maker featuring host of technologies, front-wheel drive, and independent back wheel suspension. Moreover, the pickup will now have a 5.7-liter V-8 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission, which will greatly improve the fuel economy. In order to obtain their twin goals of a family-size guest cabin and exceptional fuel ratings, the developers dramatically reconfigured the proportions of the truck. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Rampage Concept And Review”

2018 Dodge Rampage Price and Release Date

If you are looking for a combination of comfort, safety and powerfulness, you will probably choose new 2018 Dodge Rampage. This pick-up truck can respond to all in- and off-roads demands. Although at first glance looking a bit recognizable, this truck is actually quite unique. 2018 Dodge Rampage will have old dimensions cabin, but its cargo area was enlarged. The capacity of new 2018 Dodge Rampage is up to seven adult passengers, providing to each of them full comfort. 22 inch wheels will improve stability of this vehicle and they will be accompanied with excellent suspension system. Rampage can serve both as a family car, suitable for city drive and long distance vacations, but also as a working car, concerning its towing capacity. Payload area may be increased by removing back row seats. So far we heard that new Rampage will be available in four colors- white, black, gray and bronze. Continue reading “2018 Dodge Rampage Price and Release Date”