2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat

We are sure that you cannot believe in the existence of the model that is called 2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat, but what if we say that it is not just a name? As the matter of fact, it is a classic Jeep SUV, but with the Hellcat engine under the hood that produces amazing speed and unbelievable performances. Yes, that is possible, and that has made Jeep, previously taking the idea from Fiat. According to the manufacturer, this is not only a Jeep with the Hellcat performances under the hood, but it is also like a history made in a famous factory. Continue reading “2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat”

2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz

2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz comes from the Korean factory as one of the most attractive changes in compact pickup truck class. As the matter of fact, this class is innovative and fresh itself, so every possible model that comes from it is unique and attractive. When it comes to the Santa Cruz, it should be one of those useful and practical pickup trucks that could be easily driven in daily city driving. Although the first version was shown in the International Los Angeles Auto Show in 2015, fans could be forced to wait a year more before the final version is on the market. Continue reading “2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz”

2020 Acura RDX

2020 Acura RDX is only slightly changed from the last model, which make of it only a new version of the third generation of the model. Knowing that first and the second generations were not being able to compete with the models in the highest class, like BMW X3, Cadillac XT5, or Infiniti XQ50, we were thrilled with the third generation that improved the chances to find its place higher in the class. Continue reading “2020 Acura RDX”