2020 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer comes as long wait and wanted new version of the famous truck. We all remember the Jurassic Park and the popularity that the first model had after that movie, but obviously the model had to be changed following the new generation of the buyers. That new version finally came, with many upgrades in design, while the engines should be the same, with optional hybrid version of one of them. Continue reading “2020 Ford Explorer”

2020 Ford Bronco

There are so many rumors and unconfirmed information about 2020 Ford Bronco that we were not being sure which of them are true. However, the best way is to collect them all in one article and wait what of them will be confirmed next year. There is the information that new Bronco will look like other models made in Ford, but not précised which of them will be the most used in that case. Continue reading “2020 Ford Bronco”