2020 Ford F-650

2020 Ford F-650 comes as a logical continuation of the famous model in this series that is made in Ford this year. According to the information we had, F-series has undergone significant changes, while some of them were redesigned and adjusted to high market demands. Logically, F-650 was changed along with other models in the series. However, there are things that did not change, because they represent the best in class. Those are safety and protection as of the cabin as of the other parts of the vehicle, along with the great design of the cabin and many additions for modern buyers. Continue reading “2020 Ford F-650”

2020 Ford F-450

Even though 2020 Ford F-450 is only a part of the main change and redesign that F-series has undergone this year, it is very attractive and maybe the most interesting among other to its great features in combination with the luxury. The manufacturer has decided to use the best in class for making it, but also to put luxury details like on luxury sedans. Continue reading “2020 Ford F-450”

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2020 Ford F-750

2020 Ford F-750 should be a good addition to the popular F-series made in Ford that many users and drivers are used on. However, smaller versions, F-650 and F-550 were already changed, so now is time for this version to be redesigned as well. However, according to photos and information we know, that should not be a large change, since the model has not been much changed in design, but there will surely be added new details and cabin equipment. Continue reading “2020 Ford F-750”

2020 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Recognized as the most common and popular large truck 2020 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor has undergone few significant changes, mostly in materials that are made of. However, the cabin got few novelties and surely one of the most attractive features for passengers’ enjoyment. Finally, the engine is not much changed from the last models, but it is still possible that the manufacturer adds something along with the base model when the model is finally finished. Continue reading “2020 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor”

2020 Ford Ranger

2020 Ford Ranger comes as a new version of the old model, last time made in 2011. When the manufacturer showed it in North American International Auto Show 2017, people were already thrilled to see the final version of it and order the first model for them. However, it will not be as European models, even though the size is the same, but the manufacturer has made it be an American version of the model for truly US buyers. Continue reading “2020 Ford Ranger”