2017 Ram 4500-5500 Review And Specs

2017 Ram 4500-5500

With 2017 Ram 4500-5500 the famous Chrysler Team strikes the market again with the powerful truck, one more on the list. Since 2009 when the first Ram truck has been shown many things happened. One of them is completely new design in exterior and interior look, but also with amazing towing capacity, one of the reasons why buyers should consider of buying it. Aside the amazing specifications, it is a handsome and elegant truck, which is not usual on the truck market nowadays.


2017 Ram 4500-5500 view
2017 Ram 4500-5500 view

Even the new 2017 Ram 4500-5500 is practically bigger from the last model; it’s not much different in outside details on them. You may notice the redesigned front bumper and fenders, with the solid front end, towards the strong and powerful truck. With this novelty, Ram 4500-5500 fulfilled the feeling of power and trustworthy for every hard job you may expect from it. Especially with wider fender which looks really macho and aggressive, together with tall doors with firm logo in the middle of it. If we must mark off any wrong thing, it would be little skinny and tall tires, not usual for this size of the truck.


2017 Ram 4500-5500 interior
2017 Ram 4500-5500 interior

Things are not much different inside of the 2017 Ram 4500-5500, either. There are some details which lead to the conclusion that designers done something with the interior design, but that is just in materials used in it, like heavy-duty vinyl fabric seats, admittedly redesigned in order to make more support for back and shoulders, so now we can confirm the new futuristic seats. Buyers will gladden with large, 8.4-inch touchscreen with a navigation system and a smaller, 3.5-inch display which shows every important information during the driving. Higher trim levels will have a larger, 7-inch display, where you will be able to see information, including a temperature and traffic crowd on the road. It’s not necessary to speak about the wideness inside of the cabin and plenty of space for all passengers.


2017 Ram 4500-5500 engine
2017 Ram 4500-5500 engine

There will be two engine options in 2017 Ram 4500-5500. Smaller 6.4-liter HEMI V8 and 6.7-liter Cummins Super Diesel engine which is recommended for extremely heavy load which is a piece of cake or it with 320 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. However, HEMI engine is better for power and better fuel economy, with 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque.

2017 Ram 4500-5500 Price

After the showing up on the market in the end of 2016, you will be able to buy Ram 4500-5500 for only $35,000 for the basic model.


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