2020 Ford Bronco

There are so many rumors and unconfirmed information about 2020 Ford Bronco that we were not being sure which of them are true. However, the best way is to collect them all in one article and wait what of them will be confirmed next year. There is the information that new Bronco will look like other models made in Ford, but not précised which of them will be the most used in that case. Continue reading “2020 Ford Bronco”

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2020 Ford F-650

2020 Ford F-650 comes as a logical continuation of the famous model in this series that is made in Ford this year. According to the information we had, F-series has undergone significant changes, while some of them were redesigned and adjusted to high market demands. Logically, F-650 was changed along with other models in the series. However, there are things that did not change, because they represent the best in class. Those are safety and protection as of the cabin as of the other parts of the vehicle, along with the great design of the cabin and many additions for modern buyers. Continue reading “2020 Ford F-650”