2017 Toyota Tundra Baja Review and Specs

If you like the novelties from the car factories, then is the new 2017 Toyota Tundra Baja the great car for you. There are lots of changes in the new car, already prepared for the factory lines. You’ll see a little redesigned exterior, roomy space inside for drivers and passengers, with additional several bed length together with the new interior look, bold styling and two engine options with several options in both of them. It’s even hard to number all, so let’s star from beginning. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Tundra Baja Review and Specs”

2017 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Concept

Even the Tacoma lovers had expected the new look of 2017 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, it seems that didn’t happen. After ten years of making the same Tacoma and with the new GM truck look, as the third generation model, it’s still pretty much the same model as the last one. Some details are changed, we had to admit it, but we just can’t I help feeling that there is something wrong with this model in Toyota. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Concept”

2017 Toyota Hilux Review And Concept

For the users who expect the real truck with all details which are important for it, the new 2017 Toyota Hilux is maybe the best choice. There will be all – outside look which is more elegant and luxury, strong and powerful engine, interior design and ads for the future, comfort for the driver and passengers and of course, the safety in driving. You maybe don’t believe that is possible, but this car will connect all these demands. The car industry has to lead all novelty from other manufacturers, and that’s not easy. Even we expect some features in all new cars, we can’t be sure that he factory will have to change it in order to have the best modern car. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Hilux Review And Concept”

2017 Toyota Hilux Diesel Review and Engine

Maybe the greatest change in 2017 Toyota Hilux Diesel is in his engine choice, which means that it will have the new diesel engine. All other details are just in order to make modern and model for current market’s demand and with all ads already seen on the other similar models. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Hilux Diesel Review and Engine”

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