2020 Buick Encore

2020 Buick Encore proves that this small compact SUV has survived all teases and challenges in the past and waited to be made as a second generation. It had a lot of troubles on that road, but now it represents surely one of the most attractive models that modern market could offer. Unfortunately, we were able to see an only covered version of it, while the final version will be known later. Continue reading “2020 Buick Encore”

2020 Chevrolet Captiva

2020 Chevrolet Captiva is one of the cutest and most attractive small SUVs that will surely attract attention for the buyers in the future. This time it is even better designed, offering the great look of the bumpers and the best design in the class. The car should be made in the Korean factory aiming to be competitive with the other models in class like Hyundai Santa Fe and Nissan X-Trail. Continue reading “2020 Chevrolet Captiva”

2020 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer comes as long wait and wanted new version of the famous truck. We all remember the Jurassic Park and the popularity that the first model had after that movie, but obviously the model had to be changed following the new generation of the buyers. That new version finally came, with many upgrades in design, while the engines should be the same, with optional hybrid version of one of them. Continue reading “2020 Ford Explorer”

2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat

We are sure that you cannot believe in the existence of the model that is called 2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat, but what if we say that it is not just a name? As the matter of fact, it is a classic Jeep SUV, but with the Hellcat engine under the hood that produces amazing speed and unbelievable performances. Yes, that is possible, and that has made Jeep, previously taking the idea from Fiat. According to the manufacturer, this is not only a Jeep with the Hellcat performances under the hood, but it is also like a history made in a famous factory. Continue reading “2020 Jeep SRT Hellcat”