2020 Dodge Dakota

Even though the last model discontinued in 2011, and there is no clear information about 2020 Dodge Dakota, we have plenty of reasons to believe that this is exactly the model that the manufacturer will release next year. After the Ram 1500 was improved, and Ford Ranger returned after the same period of time, there are no reasons for delaying releasing of this model. In that case, it could be similar to other models that this manufacturer makes. Continue reading “2020 Dodge Dakota”

2020 Dodge Rampage

The year 2020 will definitely bring many novelties and serious redesigns, especially in the market of pickup trucks which has been one of the most popular and best-selling in the US. One of such keenly anticipated models has certainly been the Dodge Rampage that have been recently rumored that it should hit the roads as a 2020 Dodge Rampage model, although it hasn’t become official yet. Continue reading “2020 Dodge Rampage”

2020 Dodge Ram

2020 Dodge Ram should be released next year, but the manufacturer already debuted it at International Auto Show in Detroit in January. However, the car is not finished yet, so it still has many details to be changed and improved. The manufacturer has still not changed lights since we saw it on test driving almost uncovered, which means that final version is not finished. It seems that good days come to the heavy-truck class since its production and selling grew for 5.2% in first 10 months of last year. On that statistic, only Ram sold 374,901 units. The current Ram has been sold for 3.8% better than a year before, so the manufacturer will not rush with the new model releasing or changing of the design. Continue reading “2020 Dodge Ram”

2019 Dodge Ram

Since the 2019 Dodge Ram was covered on previous few photos we made on test driving, we could not be able to see how it really looks like. Even though that was terrible for our review, we must congratulate to the manufacturer for the prudence. Fortunately, last test driving was almost without thick protection, so the photographer could manage to make the very first pictures of this vehicle. After we saw everything it is needed on these photos, we confirmed significant changes in the car, mostly in the front end, as well as changes in shape and appearance of the car. Continue reading “2019 Dodge Ram”