2020 Nissan Titan

2020 Nissan Titan comes as a great addition to manufacturer’s large truck line, but also a light pick-up trucks class. As we were able to see so far, there should not be much changed from the last model, but it will have significant improves in design and cabin equipment, along with great engine and safety system. There is a long list of trims that also comes with this model. Continue reading “2020 Nissan Titan”

2020 Nissan Frontier

2020 Nissan Frontier comes next year as a redesigned model, with only a few similarities with the old model, mostly in the engine and few recognizable details in design. However, the truck is already finished and almost here, but the manufacturer is waiting for final releasing since the current model is so much attractive and well sold in past few years. As the matter of fact, even though there is about time to see something new from the manufacturer, we must be honest and say that the old version is not that much bad to be replaced. Continue reading “2020 Nissan Frontier”

2019 Nissan Frontier – Next Gen

There are too many reasons for releasing of a new generation of Frontier made in Nissan under the name 2019 Nissan Frontier. As the old models usually were not changed and remain the same design for decades, we can say that Frontier is maybe the most popular old-fashioned truck on the market. It seems that Nissan decided to change it and offer redesigned Frontier to be more competitive on the market. The information we have from Nissan is that it will be made in their factory in Canton, Mississippi together with Titan and some few another model under this brand. Continue reading “2019 Nissan Frontier – Next Gen”