2020 Lincoln MKC

Since the buyers and fans are more favorable to crossovers, the manufacturer invested in 2020 Lincoln MKC, now to be replaced with new 2020 Lincoln Corsair. As we have heard, they are prepared for the next season by making the new and modernized crossover, on the base of the well-known MKC. On the other hand, buyers are not so much interested in sedans, especially not in the expensive ones, so every manufacturer had to change their priorities. This model is the first result of that change. Continue reading “2020 Lincoln MKC”

2020 Lincoln MKX

It is hard to say this, but 2020 Lincoln MKX actually do not exist. The manufacturer actually replaced this model with Nautilus last year, and according to the knowers, it should remain the same with this version, too. Even though the very first model was showed in 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, many things have happened since then. It is for sure that we will see a model close to Navigator, but the name of the model is still unknown, or at least the possible change in name. Continue reading “2020 Lincoln MKX”

2019 Lincoln MKT

It seems that the year 2019 is going to bring several redesigned, but also renamed models coming from the luxurious Lincoln brand. Lincoln apparently has decided to discontinue its MK-naming scheme, first with its MKX that will be replaced by the Nautilus, and now with the MKT. According to our sources, the well-known MKT crossover is going to make its debut as a 2019 Lincoln Aviator. Continue reading “2019 Lincoln MKT”

2018 Lincoln Mark LT

Describing of the new models still not released is always hard, and that is the case with 2018 Lincoln Mark LT, especially if we know that manufacturer planned many special things with that car in the future. Knowing to luxury cars, this manufacturer has a hard task to offer one more truck to the buyers, spoiled with all those Toyotas and Fords, used to drive the big truck as with the heavy load behind as for only showing off and nothing more. It seems that this truck will satisfy both types of buyers, aiming to be large and strong and luxury designed to compete with trucks from the highest class. Continue reading “2018 Lincoln Mark LT”