2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept and Price

After a long wait since it was introduced back in 2008, the 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept seems ready for production. The model comes as a compact truck featuring radical and aerodynamic lines that make it unique in just about any segment.

Basically, Toyota created a new type of compact vehicle that can be used by various types of drivers for various purposes. Although it bears some resemblance to the Toyota Prius, especially in the shape of the grille, the Toyota A-Bat is still quite unique among other hybrid trucks.

Its bed is 4 foot long and you get more space when opening a tailgate. Much like the exterior, the cabin features a radical design with plenty of creature comforts. Also, it comes with good fuel economy, advanced functionality and maneuverability.

Exterior and Interior

2018 Toyota A-Bat side
2018 Toyota A-Bat side

The 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept on a unibody platform which makes for easy handling and smooth ride quality. The concept’s unique look is a combination of the large body surfaces, intersecting tight surface planes, crisp lines and the trapezoidal profile. The A-BAT’s 19-inch wheels sit at the vehicle’s corners creating a tough and ready stance.

2018 Toyota A-Bat interior
2018 Toyota A-Bat interior

Around back, the 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept features a four-foot bed. In addition, a translucent roof panel slides open to allow for tall cargo in the cab. An open tailgate provides an additional two-foot of bed length.

Inside the cabin, the door trim, shoulder, armrest and instrument panel pads and seat cushions are made of a tough, lightweight and comfortable material. What’s more, the colors are coordinated to enhance the sleek interior environment. The center stack and door pockets utilize carbon fiber components rounding out a durable and functional look.

The alloy center console is rigid, and it runs between the two front seats. It houses a portable power pack. This battery pack offers both AC and DC for a broad range of applications, including powering electrical gear while camping, small appliances, a laptop computer or assisting jumpstart the car.


The 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept is above all things a hybrid truck featuring cutting edge hybrid technology also known as Toyota Synergy Drive. However, working in tandem with Synergy Drive Toyota has made available a four cylinder gas engine. These two together will make great fuel economy and low CO2 emission.

2018 Toyota A-Bat back
2018 Toyota A-Bat back

2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept Release Date and Price

The 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept is still a concept so it is largely unknown and uncertain when and whether it will start rolling off the production line. However, with rumors flying around, we predict its release date for sometime late this year. The pricing will likely start at around $40,000.

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