2018 Toyota A-Bat Release Date and Specs

In the light of restricted gasoline resources and global economic crisis, Toyota developed a hybrid truck. A-Bat is an acronym from Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck. The shape of this vehicle’s body which successfully resists wind and improved fuel utility give this car excellent recommendation. Hybrid technology and a four-cylinder petrol engine are responsible to decreased CO2 emission, so Toyota A-Bat can be considered as “green”.

Exterior and Interior

2018 Toyota A-Bat

The structure of 2018 Toyota A-Bat represents an unbody form. It means that this truck has accented angles, flat windshield and laid down cabin. All mentioned contribute to excellent aerodynamics which makes this truck to look like a car at the first glance. On the other hand, there are solar panels that collect sun rays and convert them into electricity. A-Bat will be equipped with 19-inches wheels. The length of the bed is 4 feet, but more space can be obtained when tailgate is opened. To add to previous mentioned, there is a drawer under the bed of the Toyota A-Bat, as well as lockable drawers in the bed dividers.

Interior or the A-Bat’s cabin is upholstered with premium materials. Regarding technology features, we can expect 7 inch touch screen, Wi-Fi internet, USB ports and many more.
2018 Toyota A-Bat side


When it comes to an engine of new Toyota A-Bat, it represents the latest technology solutions in terms of fuel economy and taking care of our environment. This vehicle will use hybrid technology-a Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system combined with a four-cylinder which is certainly much more efficient comparing to an eight-cylinder motor. Due to Synergy Drive System 2018 Toyota A-Bat will have improved both performances and fuel utilization. According to available information, this vehicle will use petrol motors with characteristics of a thermal efficiency of up to 38%. Comparing to other currently used engines, this one is significantly more effective. The other advantage of such engine is environmental-free manor; translucent photovoltaic panels are placed in the upper part of an instrumental board. Those panels absorb sun rays, covert them to a power which can be used for portable power pack or navigation system.

2018 Toyota A-Bat back

2018 Toyota A-Bat Release Date and Price

Although exact release date wasn’t confirmed yet, we assume that 2018 Toyota A-Bat will be available on market at the end of year. Its price wasn’t officially revealed, but it is obvious that it will be higher, comparing to existing models-approximately $50,000 or higher. On the other hand, looking prospectively and taking into consideration improved fuel utilization and hence less cost for gasoline, 2018 Toyota A-Bat is worth every cent.