2018 BMW Pickup Truck Concept and Rumors

From the recent surfacing news of BMW’s Managing Director (Australia) saying “never say never” regarding BMW’s entry to the pickup market, reports indicate that 2018 BMW Pickup truck is on its way to the market. The pickup truck is thought to be aimed at users who still need utility and comfort . It is expected to have a reinforced unibody chassis that is designed to handle extra towing and hauling tasks while still being able to maintain a crossover like ride. Continue reading “2018 BMW Pickup Truck Concept and Rumors”

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept

2017 Tesla Pickup Truck – Tesla Motors is a manufacturer of high-performance electric cars in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. It is named after the electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. The company received attention when they launched the production model Tesla Roadster, the first 100% electric sports car that uses an electric motor made from Tesla’s design since 1882. Continue reading “2017 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept”

2018 Ford F150 Review and Design

If there something which will be the symbol of the new car industry, especially in the cars like 2018 Ford F150 is aluminum. Known as a metal for best beer protecting, which is made to prevent the UV degradation and deterioration, this metal is used for the best car design and material choices, which will also be used for the efficient and saving car’s energy. Continue reading “2018 Ford F150 Review and Design”

2018 GMC Acadia Concept And Engine

Basically, new 2018 GMC Acadia is the same car as a current model. So, what’s the catch? Well, there is a larger space for the five passengers than before, with a stronger engine and better fuel economy, and of course, that’s the car for more luggage than before. Considering the quiet and smooth cabin and more stability and control on the road during the driving and you’ll have the picture. Continue reading “2018 GMC Acadia Concept And Engine”