2020 Lincoln MKC

2020 Lincoln MKC

Since the buyers and fans are more favorable to crossovers, the manufacturer invested in 2020 Lincoln MKC, now to be replaced with new 2020 Lincoln Corsair. As we have heard, they are prepared for the next season by making the new and modernized crossover, on the base of the well-known MKC. On the other hand, buyers are not so much interested in sedans, especially not in the expensive ones, so every manufacturer had to change their priorities. This model is the first result of that change.


  • Design of the model is very luxury and attractive.
  • The model has a great cabin and equipment.


  • The engine is not clearly described yet.
  • The model could be hard in driving and for handling.


2020 Lincoln MKC side

It is obvious that 2020 Lincoln MKC will have few similarities with the luxury sedans made by this manufacturer, but also with Ford Escape, as the main competitor. It includes flat and wide front end, with large lights on the front and surely the shape and position of the rear lights and rear bumper. On the other hand, the model is surely closer to the luxury models that are made in this factory, but this time more for sportier driving. As we were able to see on test driving, the model will have the same flat and wide roof, and wide side doors.


The cabin inside of 2020 Lincoln MKC is the same as on previous models, with few upgrades. There are visible similarities with sedans and luxury models from the highest class that this manufacturer had made. On the other hand, the manufacturer has not gone far away from the models in the class like Volvo XC90, or Porsche Cayenne. We should be patient for more information and clear photos.

2020 Lincoln MKC FRONT


Even though the manufacturer has not said much about the engine that will be under the hood of 2020 Lincoln Corsair , we can predict few details in that field, too. There are high chances that it will have at least four-cylinder EcoBoost petrol model. The manufacturer also said that we should expect a hybrid plug-in engine in some trim version. However, they have not provided clear information about that yet.

2020 Lincoln MKC REAR

2020 Lincoln MKC Release Date and Price

As we have seen, the manufacturer is serious about replacing the sedans and luxury models with the crossovers and SUVs. On the other hand, do not afraid that 2020 Lincoln Corsair will replace famously and luxury models from this manufacturer, they will always be on the market. The only change will be in investing and redesigning. This time crossovers will have priority. The price should be slightly higher than for the current model, meaning more than $35,000 for the base model. The final releasing date should be somewhere in the middle of the next year.