2017 Toyota A-Bat Concept Review

The idea of 2017 Toyota A-Bat Concept is not new; it was made a years ago, in 2008 and then stops. The main reason is World Economic Crises and the Toyota’s president and general manager Bob Carter in one interview said that the idea of the Bat Concept has died. But, things are changing, and now is obviously time for the realization of the idea of making A-Bat Concept. It was necessary to survive only five years after the first truck has back to the market and whole other truck is made again. Continue reading “2017 Toyota A-Bat Concept Review”

2017 Ram 4500-5500 Review And Specs

With 2017 Ram 4500-5500 the famous Chrysler Team strikes the market again with the powerful truck, one more on the list. Since 2009 when the first Ram truck has been shown many things happened. One of them is completely new design in exterior and interior look, but also with amazing towing capacity, one of the reasons why buyers should consider of buying it. Aside the amazing specifications, it is a handsome and elegant truck, which is not usual on the truck market nowadays. Continue reading “2017 Ram 4500-5500 Review And Specs”

2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

If we would make a competition of which car is bigger and most aggressive, the new 2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro will be at the top of the list. But, that doesn’t mean that it has lost its shape and elegance. It also kept the great configurations and engine performances, and as a trim level of the basic model has the best features in its class. Wherever we look, it has the best, in term of looks, technology usage or engine performances. Continue reading “2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro”

2017 Nissan Titan Design

The 2017 Nissan Titan means really big and impressive car, as the name says. It’s a truck made for big luggage, strong engine and great safety package. After the first model in 2003, Nissan has an interesting plan – to make every Titan with the same, recognizable features, like the same engine and transmission on every model. We will see how is that possible and, which is more important, why is that so important to Nissan. Continue reading “2017 Nissan Titan Design”