2020 Ford F-750

2020 Ford F-750

2020 Ford F-750 should be a good addition to the popular F-series made in Ford that many users and drivers are used on. However, smaller versions, F-650 and F-550 were already changed, so now is time for this version to be redesigned as well. However, according to photos and information we know, that should not be a large change, since the model has not been much changed in design, but there will surely be added new details and cabin equipment.


2020 Ford F-750 review
As we said, there are no many changes in the design of 2020 Ford F-750 from the last model, so it is still a massive and aggressive machine, with the impressive large front end. However, the front end has very strong grille framed with soft edges and chrome. Large LED front lights stand below it with also large fog lights below. The bottom of the front end has a massive bumper. The feeling of largeness and aggressiveness surely fulfill 19-inch tires and highly positioned chassis. However, the manufacturer said that there will be offered more than one trim, as well as larger cabs than simple One Cab model, so we expect impressive sizes in that field, too.


There are no many differences from the cabin in 2020 Ford F-750 and other models in class. The wide dashboard hides many buttons and commands, with recognizable chromatic and woody decoration and great buttons layout. The impressive center cluster has a large touchscreen in the middle with old-fashioned air vents vertically positioned and many commands below it. The cabin is obviously large and very comfortable with optional XL cab and many other devices. The manufacturer promised great safety system, as well.


2020 Ford F-750 engine
2020 Ford F-750 should be driven by strong and amazingly large 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine which produces at least 700 horsepower of strength. It is way higher than on other models in F-series and surely higher than Chevrolet Silverado, as the main competitor. The other option could be 6.8-liter V10 petrol version with 330 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. There are also rumors that the manufacturer promised a hybrid version of this truck, but those claims were not confirmed.
2020 Ford F-750 models

2020 Ford F-750 Release Date and Price

There are so many questions that are not clearly answered when it comes to the 2020 Ford F-750, but all of them will be answered when this model is on the market. According to the manufacturer, that could be in the second half of the year. The price should not be much higher than before, so expect $55,000 for an average model with even $70,000 as a possible price for the highest trim.