2016 Ford Ranger Concept And Price

2016 Ford Ranger

As the best Ford’s selling truck, the current model of Ranger had suffered small but important changes, in due to offer the new 2016 Ford Ranger to their faithful customers. There are some small changes in his outside look, but also in his inside comfort and technology usage, which will make the best driving car for a wide audience.


At the front of the car, it can be seen the new tough and comprehensive front grille at the top of the recognizable Ford’s details as its line up and the whole design. They had also modified their suspension on all models, including the 2016 Ford Ranger due to better driving and controlling on the road. That didn’t change his heavy and strong appearance even on a smaller version of the car, bearing in mind that there are three options in this type of and especially haven’t changed his luxuries as the new design challenge for the Ford.

2016 Ford Ranger design


Be prepared for the large space inside of the cabin, but that’s not all. As the new luxury and elegance car, you’ll be waited with the leather and XLT specification as an advanced in inside design. There are also Sync 2 Touchscreen media system with all important buttons – climate control, navigation, phone menu, media and radio controls. Together with the steering wheel which has no important changes, there is a new instrument cluster with two digital screens and analogue speedometer. The whole expression is that the inside of the cabin provides a warm and friendly hospitality, with not too much of technology and lighting buttons. There are not so many modern materials, but those are already proven in the truck made for hard working and servicing.

2016 Ford Ranger interior


It’s not expected big and strong engine embedded in 2016 Ford Ranger, the 2.2-liter four-cylinder with two and four-wheel driving system. Higher versions are upgraded in due to more luxury details and used materials, which not make the better driving performances. It seems that Ford has decided to provide the safe and stable engine with not much fuel cost. Some buyers will be surprised with his stability on the road, knowing the size and robust of it, for the other design and inside equipment will be the subject of discussing.

2016 Ford Ranger engine

2016 Ford Ranger Price

Pricing range for 2016 Ford Ranger is from $47,000 to $60,000 and the price goes up with the demands and adds that buyers ask.