2020 Toyota Hilux

It is hard to tell something about the 2020 Toyota Hilux since nothing is confirmed by the manufacturer about it yet. Even though we have not clear information, we are sure that Toyota will not change their calendar and factory’s plans and offer a new model for the next year. All we know about this model are based on rumors, but we are sure that they will come true when model finally found its place in the market. Continue reading “2020 Toyota Hilux”

2020 Toyota Hilux Diesel

2020 Toyota Hilux Diesel is surely one of the most kept secrets among trucks, especially if we have heard so many rumors about the existence of this model, and none of them has not been confirmed (or denied) yet. However, knowing Toyota’s habits and plans, we cannot forget how much they love consistency and tradition, so their models usually undergo new versions every year. Continue reading “2020 Toyota Hilux Diesel”