2020 Toyota Hilux

2020 Toyota Hilux featured

It is hard to tell something about the 2020 Toyota Hilux since nothing is confirmed by the manufacturer about it yet. Even though we have not clear information, we are sure that Toyota will not change their calendar and factory’s plans and offer a new model for the next year. All we know about this model are based on rumors, but we are sure that they will come true when model finally found its place in the market.


2020 Toyota Hilux back

As for the other information, even the exterior of 2020 Toyota Hilux is not clearly described and we are not able to predict which will be changed there. They will surely change front grille and lights, maybe taillights, too, and we expect new spoiler along with other changes. Other information is not known by now.


2020 Toyota Hilux interior

2020 Toyota Hilux is still without the design of the cabin, or the manufacturer is not planned to change it a lot from the last model. Whatever it is, Toyota always has the best equipment in class and surely one of the largest and most attractive designs of the cabin, with great materials used, so we expect at least that level of luxury. We also know that Toyota spends a lot of time on safety system upgrading, which is very important for this class of the trucks. We all remember that wide and flat dashboard with wide chrome lines and a large touchscreen in the middle, which will surely found its place in the new version, too.


There should be offered four engines in 2020 Toyota Hilux, which two of them are diesel, two are classic petrol units. Speaking about the petrol model, it includes base model 2.7-liter with 167 horsepower of strength that is able of increasing the speed of 60 mph for 9 seconds and produces the top speed of 115 mph. The strongest version has 4.0-liter that produces 278 horsepower of strength. Along with them and two diesel options (a 2.8-liter and a 2.4-liter) there is planned electric unit, which manufacturer still has not described or explained. There will be also 2020 Toyota Hilux diesel version. All engines should be paired with the six-speed automatic transmission, but that also has not been confirmed.

2020 Toyota Hilux front

2020 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

It is hard to say when 2020 Toyota Hilux will be on the market, but we expect that it will be very soon, maybe at the beginning of next year. The price starts at $24,000 and that is for a standard model without equipment. Other information is not known by now, which is strange for the models that are almost finished and could be on the market so soon as Hilux. Keep in mind that all information we said here is based on rumors. Competitors are 2020 Nissan Navara, 2020 Ford Ranger.