2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck

The 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck is a combination of endurance, strength and luxury. Generally its main concept design borrows heavily from the Nissan NP300 Navara. Manufacture of the trucks will take place at the Nissan plant situated in Barcelona, Spain and the Renault plant in at Cordoba, Argentina. Details are still scanty on when Mercedes will finally give us a glimpse into the new ride.

Mercedes is a major player in the commercial van market and it seems they aspire to carve out a considerable portion in the light truck market segment too. Over the years the possibility of Mercedes investing a pickup truck fumed from fiction to fact. This was when the parent company Daimler made it official back in 2015.



The inside of the vehicle is still a big mystery. We can however speculate what the German manufacturer might have fitted onto its interior. One addition we can all expect is an ostentatious cabin fitted with quality leather seats. All the seats as well as the steering wheel will contain leather upholstery and we can expect other high quality materials such as aluminum and wood. On the dashboard will be an aluminum or wood finishing. Other features are high-tech connectivity options and latest safety systems.


The exterior of the GLT has been captured in spy shots. The vehicle grill is quite large exposing an elevated hood with expansive shoulders. These features will be an instant hit in the American market. In tandem with the grill, the headlights are quite large too. They will contain the latest technology in LED lighting technology. Just under them are openings for an air vent. At first sight, the vehicle remarkably resembles the Nissan. The bumper is large too, generating the impression of a modern SUV. To enter the GLT, there are side steps on either side.

At the back of the ride is the cargo bed that meets most customer needs based on the size. Some of the most noteworthy features here are its tailgate (open and sideways), integrated speaker system on its bed walls, and storage space for spare tools. The GLT can comfortably accommodate a payload of more than 1500 pounds.

Engine & Performance

The vehicle will be fitted with a gas or turbo diesel unit running on a 4 or 6 cylinder configuration. This seems as a standard engine selection for modern day mid-sized pickup trucks. The vehicle will operate on the diesel V6 engine. Mercedes say the GLT can accommodate a maximum payload of over 2,425 pounds as well as a towing capacity of 7,716 pounds.

Price and Release date 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck

The vehicle has generated a lot of anticipation but details on its exact release date still remain very scanty. It’s still not known whether this vehicle model (2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck) will be availed to the US market. At the moment the company has set its sights on the Europe, South Africa and Australian markets. No official communication on prices is available too. There is wide speculation however that it will be unveiled in late 2017 or early 2018.