2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept

2020 Toyota A Bat Concept

Toyota has definitely been one of those brands which tend to stay competitive in the market of electrified vehicles that have been increasingly popular lately due to that eco-awareness, but also better fuel-efficiency. One of such models with a hybrid system under the hood will be the new Toyota A-Bat that should hit the roads as a 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept model.


2020 Toyota A Bat Concept back

This green truck, known as the A-Bat, has been in the market for a decade now. So, if it hits the market as the 2020 model, it should undergo some serious changes and improvements in order to stay competitive with other hybrids in its class. The A-Bat has been probably the most interesting to its fans for its unique exterior design. You either like it or not. We probably won’t see any revolutionary changes here, but some minor visual updates should be noticed. It will appear as a futuristic truck of unusual design that combines that off-road look with some more refined features. The truck should keep riding on its body-on-frame platform and we hope that it will make some enhancements in terms of suspension, handling and stability. It will look more modern and attractive than its predecessor. Its recognizable profile of trapezoidal shape will once again improve aerodynamics and overall performance of this truck. In the back part of the vehicle, you will find a four-foot cargo bed that can be extended.


2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept interior

The interior of the 2020 Toyota A-Bat will especially catch the attention of younger population because of its bright colors, geometric shapes and urban design. Its comfortable seats will be covered in yellow fabric that will add up to that modern look. Besides high-quality materials, the company should also use some lightweight such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The truck should also come with lots of updates in terms of technology and safety. Besides a smaller multi-information display found in the instrument cluster, the driver will also get a 7.0-inch infotainment touch-screen with some of the latest features and connectivity options such as navigation, audio system, CD player, HD radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB ports and Bluetooth.


  1. innovative hybrid system under the hood
  2. lower CO2 emissions
  3. better fuel efficiency
  4. modern interior design.


  1. lots of details haven’t been confirmed yet.


The 2020 Toyota A-Bat will use the same Toyota Synergy Drive System found under the hood of the Toyota Prius. It means that it will combine a gasoline engine, probably a four-cylinder one and an electric motor. However, these details haven’t been announced or confirmed yet so we hope for more information soon. The new A-Bat should be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Toyota A Bat Concept trunk

2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2020 Toyota A-Bat has still been a mystery. On the other hand, its price has been estimated to start at $40,000.