2019 Toyota Tacoma

There are high chances that 2019 Toyota Tacoma will attract many new buyers, mostly because of modernly changes they made in the design, but also thanks to many novelties in engine types it will have, including a diesel engine among them. Besides that, Tacoma should be one of those interesting and acceptable trucks, with many features attractive to younger buyers, but also with special design, which even traditional buyers could accept. However, thanks to most details, Tacoma could be closer to main competitor, Colorado, but with many modernized details and surely attractive shape and design. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Tacoma”

2019 Toyota A-Bat Concept

2019 Toyota A-Bat Concept could be one of the most waited vehicles on the market nowadays since the first model was introduced in 2008. As we saw in the photos, they had a reason to wait that long, so the new model is much modernized, perfectly shaped and adjusted to high market demands nowadays. That includes a perfect design, modernly shaped lines and lights, comfortable cabin and great fuel economy, as A-Bat Concept should be a large vehicle. Continue reading “2019 Toyota A-Bat Concept”

2019 Toyota Hilux

If that is possible, 2019 Toyota Hilux is even more elegant, classy and modern, and has many novelties in term of engine options and fuel economy. Since the first model has been shown in 2005, many models attracted the attention of the buyers, sometimes with design and sometimes only with engine performances. This time, Hilux is even bigger, so it has more space inside of the cabin, but also more space for cargo in the truck behind. It also has special additions to provide better driving and stability even on the worst terrain and weather conditions. But, let’s not be so strict, new Hilux is still a cute and elegant machine for every type of buyers. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Hilux”

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja

2019 Toyota Tundra Baja continues with the large trucks made in Toyota halls as this market grows last few years or even a decade. More and more buyers want to buy a large and heavy truck which will be used for everyday duties and driving in city crowd. As we know, Toyota has always been among the best of these models, and Tundra is something like the diamond on this list. After the last redesign in 2014, manufacturer changes this model again, putting there much better materials, including metal steel on chassis and better equipment inside of the cabin. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Tundra Baja”

2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel

It seems that 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel is made to be even stronger, bigger and more comfortable than any other truck from Toyota, but with still favorable price and acceptable fuel economy. With a new diesel engine, which supposes to offer low CO2 emissions, it should be the highly demanded vehicle among truck fans nowadays. But, we used to see Hilux as interesting since the first model has been released and that was in 2005. This time manufacturer changed only things which have been shown as bad and non-functional, making the machine for every type of the buyer and literally every terrain. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel”