2019 Toyota Hilux

If that is possible, 2019 Toyota Hilux is even more elegant, classy and modern, and has many novelties in term of engine options and fuel economy. Since the first model has been shown in 2005, many models attracted the attention of the buyers, sometimes with design and sometimes only with engine performances. This time, Hilux is even bigger, so it has more space inside of the cabin, but also more space for cargo in the truck behind. It also has special additions to provide better driving and stability even on the worst terrain and weather conditions. But, let’s not be so strict, new Hilux is still a cute and elegant machine for every type of buyers.


There are few important designing resolutions in 2019 Toyota Hilux worthy of mentioning, like the changed front end and many additions on the sides of the car. The front end is not only rounded, it is almost contained of three parts and protected with massive chromatic rods. Behind them are gridded wide grille and wide LED front lights, with thin air intake on the bottom and small rounded fog lights. This massive front end is short but strongly protected from the front. The rear end has also massive rods and rounded truck door with softly rounded edges.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota Hilux is as elegant and comfortable as on previous models, but this time better equipped with many changes in details. Together with improved air condition system and Multi-Informational Display, with all needed information, future buyers will be able to see improved 6-inch touchscreen and leather, for the first time in this type of the car. Thanks to the shock absorber and many airbags, the cabin is highly protected and calm, providing great driving experience and comfortable driving.


There will be offered a few new engines in 2019 Toyota Hilux, but it is important to mention 5.7-liter V8 petrol unit as an option in the base model. The strength of this engine is around 150 horsepower and it has much lower fuel consumption than previous models. Thanks to five-speed automatic transmission, it offers better driving control. However, the main novelty is Artificial Intelligence System in driving control and lock-up torque converter, which was never been found in trucks like this.

2019 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

If you are thrilled to see how 2019 Toyota Hilux actually looks like, you should be patient and wait for the end of 2018. Base price should be around $20,000 but with all equipment, it will go over $40,000.