2019 GMC Canyon

2019 GMC Canyon comes as refreshments for faithful buyers who love great trucks. According to previous years, and selling of the model on US market, it seems that Americans simply love this car, thanks to many features it offers in great designed chassis. It is cute, elegant and well designed, but with many great features in engine strength and driving. It is also a perfectly shaped truck, with no sharp edges, acceptable even for most demanded buyers. Finally, it is not the much expensive car as many trucks on the market, so many buyers are able to afford it. But, let say that we are not sure in everything we said here, so keep in mind that many of information we shared here are only rumors and speculations.


As we heard from the manufacturer, 2019 GMC Canyon should be the same as last model, meaning same designed with only a few changes in details. Most of those changing will undergo front grille, becoming extremely wide and massive, rounded with chrome and supported by wide chromatic grids. To fulfill this massiveness, there are two large LED lights, with the wide metallic bumper on the bottom. The bottom of the bumper, thanks to the protection goes all to the ground, making the vehicle lower and stable on rough terrain.


There are many changes in the cabin of 2019 GMC Canyon, mostly in terms of equipment and technology. Knowing the manufacturer and previous models, we expect to upgrade of the existed functions, as well as adding some new ones, to provide better driving but comfort and enjoyment during driving. However, there will be some interesting things about the safety, which we have not known yet, but we shall be patient for them. Otherwise, there is a classic wide dashboard, with no many buttons to distract during driving and touchscreen with collected commands on one place.


It is known that 2019 GMC Canyon gets the same 2.8-liter Duramax petrol engine with 200 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. That is a simple but effective resolution, knowing that the car is not much strong and usually have not used for a heavy load. There will not be many changes in term of fuel economy and the speed from the last model.

2019 GMC Canyon Release Date and Price

As we know by now, 2019 GMC Canyon will be offered at the end of the year for the price of $22,000 for the base model. However, with smartly chosen equipment and the combination of the taxes, it can be the favorable truck for daily driving.