2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel

It seems that 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel is made to be even stronger, bigger and more comfortable than any other truck from Toyota, but with still favorable price and acceptable fuel economy. With a new diesel engine, which supposes to offer low CO2 emissions, it should be the highly demanded vehicle among truck fans nowadays. But, we used to see Hilux as interesting since the first model has been released and that was in 2005. This time manufacturer changed only things which have been shown as bad and non-functional, making the machine for every type of the buyer and literally every terrain.


Together with many changes on new 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel, the most visible will be redesigning of the front end. Rounded front end now has three parts, with massive gridded front grille, literally wrapped in chrome and with large LED lights on the sides. Below it is wide protection and small rounded fog lights. However, this grille is hidden behind the massive rods that provide the feeling of massiveness. Those rods are on the rear end, protecting the truck, so the whole car gets sportier and aggressive look and shape. According to the manufacturer, the truck will be able to tow more than 3 tons of cargo.


There is an interesting resolution for the cabin in 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel. For the first time, we will see a quality leather on the seats in the large truck made in Toyota, but that is only a detail in otherwise elegantly shaped and designed cabin. In terms of technology, there are usually things, like Bluetooth connections, USB and AUX inputs and audio system. More importantly, there will be more airbags and shock absorbers in combination with softener suspension, so the cabin is soft and comfortable even on rough terrain.


As we said, it is interesting that 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel has a 3.0-liter diesel engine, which shows better performances and even low CO2 emission than petrol one. The strength of the engine could go over 150 horsepower, and paired with the five-speed transmission it has better driving performances. There will be added futuristic parts like lock-up torque converter and Artificial Intelligence System, so driving is stable and constant. Other numbers are not shared by now.

2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel Release Date and Price

As the model for 2019, it is expected that 2019 Toyota Hilux Diesel will be offered at the end of 2018, or maybe in the middle of 2018. Starting price is around $20,000 but we know that it can grow on even $40,000 in higher trims.