2017 Dodge Rampage Concept

It was been a long travel to the sample of 2017 Dodge Rampage Concept. Since 1986 when the first model shown on the market, over 2000 when the Dakota announced as a North American Truck of the Year, the name Dakota has always been the sign of the strong but small truck for all kind of usage. This model is just one of the innovations from the Dakota, like the usage of the V8 engine or the combination of the hard-working truck with the good outside looking.


2017 Dodge Rampage Concept concept

Dodge has been released the new level of body material – aluminum. Previously used for all parts of the cars, now has the new level of usage. As their engineers said, it’s not just a material for lighter weight; it’s the new way of towing luggage and road adherence. It’s also much easier for repairing and rebuilding in case of damage. It’s important to say, that’s not just aluminum like on the other cars, its new technology of preparing and built-in the car of the future. And they will keep it in deep secret, at least until new 2017 Dodge Rampage Concept shows. The other important facts are the new design of the car, more adjusted to the younger and drivers who love fashion and modern designed car, but with more cargo space for real hard-working.


2017 Dodge Rampage Concept inside

The inside of 2017 Dodge Rampage Concept is made with special kind of love and understanding for the customer’s wishes. It’s expected to see the best materials and design inside, together with the navigation, cruise control and all applications and ads which we’ve already seen on all new cars. The best materials are made with special technology and design, and that’s just one part of this amazing car. There is something like the feeling of the luxury, well known for the Dodge customers.


2017 Dodge Rampage Concept engine

As a little truck, it will not demand the strong and hard engine. It’s more likely to be small 1.4-liter engine with 100 horsepower and one higher version with 2.4 liters and 180 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. Together with the aluminum lighter body, it will be speed enough for the truck in this size, and with best fuel economy in this class.

2017 Dodge Rampage Concept Price

We expect a cheaper car than any other in this class, so that will be the case this time, too. The expected basic price is $17,000.