2017 Ford Atlas Review And Specs

With the 2017 Ford Atlas, the Ford started to show the new type of pickup truck, if they even had to show something new in the market known for their pickup trucks. Similar to Ford F-150, but with big differences in term of the engine and other performances, this model has been shown in Detroit Auto Show in 2017 as the new model on the market. We can’t wait to see what possibly can be new in the truck from Ford, but they always surprise us, don’t they?


2017 Ford Atlas view

You’ll be surprised with the front end of Ford Atlas, for example, because there are a double-deck front lights, with all front wrapped in a big chrome mask, and fascia which looks strong and right, with rectangular grille, unbelievably resists on the wind. Glass roof is something unusual on trucks, together with electric trailer with 110V of electricity. As the truck for carrying the luggage, there are a lot of spaces of ropes, and with five doors. The truck is lighter than usual models thanks to chrome and aluminum with HVAC system.


2017 Ford Atlas interior

The inside of the 2017 Ford Atlas make a feeling of comfort but a little bit of luxury, with refresh black and gray shadows. Comfort seats made of natural leather is particularly gentle for drivers, which will be pleased with a large front touchscreen display in the front of the seat. But, the touchscreen will be at the end, too, in front of the back seats, possible for kids or adults who want to enjoy in longer driving. There is an air conditioning and New Noise audio system for that purpose, too. The ambient light is in blue color.


2017 Ford Atlas engine

The engine built-in 2017 Ford Atlas is 5.0-liter V8 for 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. It will have a six-speed automatic transmission and will be able to reach the speed of 60 mph for 8.1 seconds although the fuel economy is very high and spoils the picture of the good and trustworthy truck. The safety is achieved with the whole package of ads, which include blind-spot monitors, lane-keeping system, cruise control and usual airbags inside of the cabin.

2017 Ford Atlas Price

After the showing of Ford Atlas on markets somewhere in late 2016, the price range will be between $21,000 and $51,000. It’s expected to be better than competitors, which are Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tacoma and Dodge Ram 1500.