2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali

2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali

There are tough years come for the truck class since huge changes are happening, and 2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali will be part of them. As we heard and saw, every manufacturer that produces large truck, including the best in class, are considering large changing in their vehicles for the years to come. They mostly changed the size and towing capacity of their vehicles, but they have also considered about taking hybrid vehicles in their truck class. Whatever it be, Sierra Denali will be included, as siblings of its older brother, Chevrolet Silverado and follow all demands of the market and buyers. As we were able to see, there are large changes in design and look of the truck, while the equipment and engine should remain the same.


2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali front

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not released their vehicles from the protection on test driving yet, so we could only predict and imagine what is under them. It is for sure that there will be the same and recognizable large grille on the front end with large LED front lights, along with flat but soft-edged rear end and trunk. Some fans concluded that we also can expect new Multi Pro tailgate and carbon fiber bed called Carbon Pro.


2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali interior

There are no clear photos or descriptions of the cabin in 2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali, so we are not able to precisely say if there will be some changes. However, we expect at least upgrading of the existent equipment, while the design and appearance of the cabin could be slightly changed.


2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali has simple solutions in terms of the engine type and model and we are sure that the manufacturer will not change their habits a lot in this case. For this model we expect a simple resolution, meaning two engines that were already used in these models before. The first version is a 6.0-liter V8 model, while the second one is 6.6-liter V8 diesel model. Both should be matched with the six-speed automatic Alison 1000 type of transmission along with the manual one, while as optional the manufacturer offered Hydra-Matic 10-speed automatic transmission in higher trims.

2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali back

2020 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Release Date and Price

Since Chevrolet Silverado already made its version and they are planning to release it next year, at Detroit or Chicago Auto Show, 2020 GMC Sierra Denali will not be released before that. We expect that the manufacturer will not wait long to show this new version, now when all automakers, especially those who make trucks has prepared their versions. However, when Sierra Denali finally comes out, it will cost almost the same as the current model, meaning around $52,000 for the base model.