2018 Hyundai Tucson – Release Date and Changes

As the first redesigning was not enough, 2018 Hyundai Tucson announces the new changes and upgrades already. In term of the outside design, there will not be so many changes as in the inside of the car and in equipment offered to the buyers, while engine and details about the speed and fuel economy suppose to be the same as on the last model. However, it is interesting that this truck is prepared for middle class and buyers who actually want a good truck for the favorable price. According to the information we had, it achieved both conditions, with some novelties in term of the comfort and driving stability. Continue reading “2018 Hyundai Tucson – Release Date and Changes”

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Almost Ready

At first glance, 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz is different from the other trucks, mostly because of the soft edges and unseen before this particularly exterior design. As the people from Hyundai said, this truck is for those who had never had a truck before, so it is normally to be different from the known and expected robust trucks which we had a chance to see on the market. However, this truck has been waiting for his chance couple of the years until now, when we expect him in great attire. If you are still not sure because of the design, wait to see the engine and the cabin comfort, so maybe will then decide to buy one of these. Continue reading “2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Almost Ready”

2018 VW Tiguan – Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission

Even though a model similar to 2018 VW Tiguan has already announced in Sweden and other European northern countries, a completely new version has been shown at last Detroit Car Show with all new details in term of design and engine option. After all, a new generation of Tiguan had already been seen in Frankfurt 2015, so everything we see now is upgraded in the last, well-known model. Continue reading “2018 VW Tiguan – Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission”

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2018 VW Atlas Review – Three-row Crossover

A brand new 2018 VW Atlas is supposed to be a new representative model from the well-known German manufacturer after the terrible scandal with the false numbers measured about gas emissions. It is obviously not planned only for US market since the manufacturer has announced the biggest selling of SUV three-row crossover in years to come. Continue reading “2018 VW Atlas Review – Three-row Crossover”

2018 Renault Alaskan – New Pickup Developed Jointly

Having a new 2018 Renault Alaskan will be a sign of the style and informing about the news in the car industry. The main reason is the manufacturer’s wish to teach gently drivers from the Europe and other parts of the world what the big truck is. We already know that US market is the best place for SUV vehicles and they have been the biggest market for these types of vehicles, but now is time for a new era in the car industry and Renault will be one of the leaders in that field. Continue reading “2018 Renault Alaskan – New Pickup Developed Jointly”