2018 Renault Alaskan – New Pickup Developed Jointly

Having a new 2018 Renault Alaskan will be a sign of the style and informing about the news in the car industry. The main reason is the manufacturer’s wish to teach gently drivers from the Europe and other parts of the world what the big truck is. We already know that US market is the best place for SUV vehicles and they have been the biggest market for these types of vehicles, but now is time for a new era in the car industry and Renault will be one of the leaders in that field.


Everything in new 2018 Renault Alaskan is in accordance with its size. The large front end is separated into smaller parts with big grille with the wide recognizable logo. Sides of the front end are completed with big LED lights, perfectly tapered from the side so their up line is incorporated in the line of the hood. Below them are two fog lights rounded with C-shape chromatic decoration and all details are incorporated with the rounded shape of the front end. The rear end is not much different from the typical SUV design, with the new tail lights, largest truck and high sides and sharp edges. Unlike the Navara, which supposed to be the model for the design, the new Alaskan will be only a crew-cab model.


The inside of the 2018 Renault Alaskan is more like Navara than outside. That means almost the same steering wheel, modern and functional high-technology and leather and chromatic details, as a touch of the luxury and style. However, being a truck, new Alaskan has become heavier for driving and parking, which is solved by new parking system, provided by cameras in mirrors. For those who enjoy in long driving, there is modern entertainment system with USB port, Wi-Fi spot, and MP3 player. All instructions are displayed on the large 7-inch touchscreen.


It is not hard to predict the engine solution for the 2018 Renault Alaskan, knowing the options in previous models this manufacturer built in. The most expected option is 2.3-liter twin-turbocharged inline diesel. It will be capable of producing 190 horsepower of strength with 300-pound feet of torque. Standard transmission with this model of engine is a manual seven-speed transmission with optional manual one. As the manufacturer measured, average fuel economy is around 30 mph.

2018 Renault Alaskan Conclusion, Release Date and Price

2018 Renault Alaskan is not planned to be sold on US market because of manufacturer’s plans to go on some other markets around the world, like Columbia, Europe, and Asia, starting from the end of 2017. When that happens, the expected price will start from $35,000.