2018 VW Atlas Review – Three-row Crossover

A brand new 2018 VW Atlas is supposed to be a new representative model from the well-known German manufacturer after the terrible scandal with the false numbers measured about gas emissions. It is obviously not planned only for US market since the manufacturer has announced the biggest selling of SUV three-row crossover in years to come.


The people who saw 2018 VW Atlas described it as classic but modern mini-van. Some parts of this car are already seen on previous models, and some of them were on old models from last century. It seems that Volkswagen decided to recall their old values and back their customers to old times when everything was perfect in their machines. It is compact, boxy shaped mini-van, with modern large LED lights at the front and corrugated front grill which waves finish in the lights. The lines are maybe a little to a sharp, and that is especially seen on the rear end, where lights and edges are literally cubic. Some old buyers of Volkswagen’s cars will remember their models from 80’s.


As the new three-row crossover in the market, 2018 VW Atlas offers much more space, including a cargo space for luggage. If you have seen the Passat lately, you will recognize some parts from that car, but many things are improved and changed for a step. German manufacturer always worries about the comfort and safety, so there will be found a new infotainment system, with all information and commands shown on the large LCD screen. Aside from the sliding second row, there is a perfectly practical third row with enough space for older passengers. The manufacturer has promised that there will be an optional sports version of the car, but with these details, it will be good enough for big families and their comfort.


We used to drive strong and fast machines made by Volkswagen, so 2018 VW Atlas will not disappoint us either. It is for sure that this car will have 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine with 238 horsepower. Other versions will have stronger 3.6 V6 engine with 280 horsepower and front and all-wheel driving system as optional. Both engine versions will be paired with 8-speed automatic transmission. The only thing which is not known by now is fuel economy and gas emission, but we can expect them after a couple of test driving.

2018 VW Atlas Conclusion and Price

The manufacturer promises many tests which will be done in this car. A crash test is one of them and it will shows the real value of the car, having in mind that manufacturer announced the safety as first on his future models. We must wait to see how much will 2018 VW Atlas cost, but be prepared for price higher than $30,000.

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